• 603 St. Mary's Rd., Winnipeg, MB R2M 3L8
  • Front Desk: 204-594-0900
  • Midwifery Intake: 204-947- 2422;307

The primary care providers are midwives registered with the College of Midwives of Manitoba and employed by the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority.  All midwives employed by the WRHA can provide clinical and birthing services to their clients at the Birth Centre.

Please note: We do not have doctors on staff at the Birth Centre.

Birth Centre support staff includes birth centre assistants, health educators, counsellors, and administrative staff.

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You can choose to have a baby at the Birth Centre if you have:

  • prenatal care from a midwife

  • good health

  • a normal, uncomplicated pregnancy

  • one baby (no twins or triplets)

  • a term pregnancy (at least 37 weeks)

The Birth Centre may not be the ideal birthing place for everyone. Your midwife will assess your health throughout your pregnancy, labour and birth to determine the best place of birth for you.

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Leave your contact information at 204-947-2422 ext. 307 or fill out the Midwifery Interest Form here. A birth centre assistant will call you within a few days to ask for your health card numbers and other personal information.

We will put your request on a midwifery intake list. If you are accepted as a client, you will receive a phone call to book your first appointment. If you are not accepted into midwifery care within 2-3 weeks we will send you a letter. The letter contains information about other healthcare providers who provide prenatal care. You will need to arrange prenatal care with them yourself.

Your name will stay on the waitlist. If a midwifery spot opens up, you may receive a call later on in your pregnancy.

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The Birth Centre offers women a comfortable, home-like setting for birthing. Each of the four large birthing rooms has a shower, tub, a double bed and comfortable chairs. There is also has a lounge with a kitchen where families and support people can wait and rest when attending a birth.

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Our private, comfortable environment helps you feel safe, respected and supported during labour and delivery. Having your partner, family, doulas, or friends at the birth can be helpful. There is no limit to how many people you have in the room as long as staff can move freely.

The Birth Centre offers you freedom to move and to change positions throughout labour and birth. We have birth stools, birth balls, floor mats and slings to help with labour.

You may choose to use water (shower or tub) in labour or birth. We also offer sterile water injections (for back pain) and nitrous oxide (laughing gas).

Click to see more information about comfort measures.

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Using the tub during labour can help decrease pain and make it easier to change positions during labour and delivery.

People who had their babies underwater generally have positive experiences. Water births don’t have better or worse outcomes for babies than land births when everything is normal.


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Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas) is available at the Birth Centre. However, narcotics and epidurals are not. You will need to transfer to the hospital to have these available.

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Sometimes a pregnancy, birth or newborn baby needs medical help. Your midwife will go to a hospital with you if you need:

  • more pain relief (epidural/narcotics)

  • labour induction and augmentation

  • electronic fetal monitoring

  • epidural

  • forceps and vacuum

  • c-section

  • newborn monitoring

Your midwife will talk more about reasons to go to hospital during a prenatal visit.

Each birth room has the supplies and equipment needed to manage a normal birth, including non-urgent complications. In an emergency, you and your baby will be transferred to the most appropriate hospital. The Birth Centre has a special entrance for easy access if emergency vehicles are needed.

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Generally, parents and their babies only stay 2 – 6 hours after the birth. Your midwife will visit your home within 24-36 hours of giving birth.

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The Birth Centre

Thanks to my amazing midwives and the staff at the Birth Centre for helping me through one of the hardest and most rewarding days of life.

— Candice
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